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Evening of glory to labour

It was decided to hold the main event of this year of our company, namely Evening of glory to labour, on the 23rd of February, on the Day of motherland defender; that is why more congratulatory words were heard and atmosphere of the holiday was more intensive.
Chairman of Board of Directors Vyacheslav Boguslayev personally congratulated the best labour collectives and employees of our company that were awarded titles of Honorary engine manufacturing worker and Foreman golden hands. During his congratulatory speech, he expressed appreciation to all employees for conscientious work and large discipline of excellence, due to which Motor Sich JSC within several tens of years possesses a firm place in the list of the best companies of the country. Vyacheslav Alexandrovich remarked as merit of the company the fact that in the 90th hard years we were successful in keeping of the social sphere when it was very difficult to find the money not only for its maintaining but also for its development. Nowadays, we can say with courage that our recreation centers are the best ones at the bank of Azov sea but at that time when our allied companies were refusing of the social sphere as of the ballast, it was necessary to have courage for making such forward-looking solution. In Vyacheslav Boguslayevs opinion, the force of collective of the engine manufacturing workers consists in the intergenerational continuity. Motor Sich JSC is glorious by its traditions and famous dynasties. Within the last one and a half years, 3.5 thousand people were placed in a job at Motor Sich JSC. Our company is developing production and expanding sale market: our helicopter engines are under testing in Russia and America, Motor Sich JSC included two Ukrainian companies and one Belarusian company. Be sure management of the company will provide for normal future for you and your children summed up Boguslayev.
Concert program of the gala night was bright and intensive. In other words, it was fairy show! The gests of culture centre were accompanying with a storm of applause the performance of the Chamber band of Zaporozhye symphony orchestra headed by Vyacheslav Redya Peoples Actor of Ukraine, Dance orchestra of the state regional circus headed by Stanislav Kravets Honored Actor of Ukraine. But under the shadow of notable troops, favorites of Motor Sich JSC, such as creative teams of the culture centre, were not forgotten. They include amateur actors: Grace peoples band of sports and touch dancing, Zaporozhets Honoured band of dancing of Ukraine, Kazachata classic childish choreographic band, Cossacks-Zaporozhtcy peoples vocal band, Svetlana Bulyukina, Yelens Danylenko, Nataliya Reznichenko, Lyliya Lemesh, Alexey Pyankovsky The evening was guided gorgeously by Nataliya Mateychuk, Victoriya Wutman and Elena Knysh
The Evening of glory to labour demonstrated convincingly formidable potential of Motor Sich JSC both industrial and creative. It seems that the secret of all our victories and highlight achievements is hidden in their close integration. A storm of applause that was audible in the factory culture centre for a long time was the final accord of the Evening of glory to labour. When the first notes of song about Motor were sound all participants harmoniously stood up thereby confirming a thousand times that the force of our collective consists in integration and unity.

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