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These engines are designed for installation in civil cargo airplanes that are servicing medium- and long-range routes (up to 6500 km). The AI-20 family engines feature a wide gas dynamic stability margin at all power conditions, altitudes and flight speeds.

Main advantages of the engine:

  • high reliability
  • long service life
  • simple and optimal maintenance

Basic specifications:

Engine AI-20K
Takeoff power (SLS, ISA)
Equivalent power, eq.h.p. (eq.kW) 4000 (2941)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/eq.hp.•h (kg/eq.kW•h) 0.270 (0.367)
Cruise power, (H=8000 m; Mfl=0,57; ISA)
Equivalent power, eq.h.p. (eqkW) 2490 (1844)
Specific fuel consumption, kg/eq.hp.•h (kg/eq.kW•h) 0.210 (0.286)
Engine dry weight, kg 1080

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