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Propulsion units

Motor Sich KPO-60 stern drive

The stern drive is a propulsion-steering unit, which is used for transmitting torque from the engine to the screw propeller, for reversing of the propeller’s rotational direction, as well as for reducing the propeller’s rotational speed as compared to the engine crankshaft’s rotational speed, and ship control.

Max. transferred power, kW (h.p.)...44 (60)

Motor Sich PLM-40E outboard engines

They are intended for usage in planing and water displacing vessels. Distinctive features: contactless vortex high-pressure pump in water cooling system; adaptation to operation in plant-filled water bodies; discharge of exhaust gases at idle speed is provided through the openings located below water level, in other conditions – through propeller boss; double damping of the driving torque; inlet manifold with horizontal separation of the flow of fuel mixture, leaf-type valves, five-channel loopback scavenging and the tuned exhaust tube.

Transom height of MS-40E (MS-40ED) engines, mm...381 (510)
Engine power, kW (hp)...29.4 (40)

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