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Official site of the Culture Center

The Culture Center named for T. G. Shevchenko was founded in 1949 and for more than eighty five years it has been representing the corporate culture and spirituality of Motor Sich JSC, being the creative sector of this Company. Its activity is carried out in compliance with Annular Action Plan, while highlighting milestone events and dates characterizing the Company life and its personnel. The Center includes the staff consisting of 18 creative teams: ten of them obtained the honorary titles “Folk” and “Classic”. Groups have on their repertoire the best samples of national and world popular art, including choreography, pop/folk songs and music.

People who are working in this Center are constantly involved in promotion of different cultural events and shows by arranging their presentation at the stadiums, city squares, etc. They also organize road shows and participate in local and regional benefit performances, children's matinees, creative Olympic Games and thematic exhibitions. The Center is supported financially and morally by administration and trade union committee, while it is very popular among all people who are working at the Enterprise. Organized holidays caught the fancy of not only the factory workers, but became milestone events for the region and the whole city.

Facilities that are at the disposal of Culture Center meet up-to-date requirements. The Center comprises audience hall of 353 sq. km in area with the stage, having the area of 17 sq. km, besides three rehearsal halls, having the area of 333 sq. km, 310 sq. km and 169 sq. km, plus lecture hall of 118 sq. km in area. Groups are provided with costumes, audio and video equipment, playing and amplifying tools, illumination devices. Professional excellence is an integral part of staff work activity ensured by director's crew and technical services of Culture Center when delivering any event. Within one year over 200 cultural and entertainment events take place in this Center and about 80000 spectators attend them. In this way the staff of Culture Center makes its worthy contribution to Company branding and corporate culture.

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