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Official site of the cultural center named for Shevchenko

The cultural center named for Shevchenko is supported financially and morally by the administration, trade-union and youth committees and it is very popular among all people who are working at the enterprise.

It was founded in 1949.

Basic activity trends:
- Development of artistic amateur creativity;
- Sponsoring of useful leisure-time activities for people who are working at the enterprise and members of their families.

These creative teams are the gold reserves of our company and our pride.
The cultural center is a place where one classic and five folk collectives prove out annually that they are worthy of their sonorous titles:
- Ukrainian Honoured dance ensemble Zaporozhets;
- Classic children's choreographic dance company Kazhachata (Young Cossacks);
- Folk sport-ballet dance company "Gratsiya" (Grace);
- Folk pop group "Kozaky-zaporozhtsy" (Zaporozhean Cossacks);
- Folk veterans chorus "Motor Sich";
- Folk brass band "Motor Sich";
- Folk vocal studio "Sonata".

Following studios and hobby groups also can be found in this cultural center:
- Children's vocal studio "Notki" (Notes);
- Graphic arts studio;
- Sand animation;
- Preparatory school "Rassvet" (Dawn);
- Hairdressing studio BRUSH;
- Children's brass band;
- Pop and sport dance studio;
- Fashion and success theatre.

People who are working in this cultural center are constantly involved in promotion of different cultural events and shows by arranging their presentation at the stadiums, city squares, etc. They also organize road shows and take part in local and regional benefit performances, participate in children's matinees, creative Olympic Games and thematic exhibitions.

Groups have in their stock the best samples of national and world popular art, including choreography, pop/folk songs and music.

The creative development of Ukrainian Honoured amateur dance group Zaporozhets began in 1949 under the guidance of Y. Bolshakov, an Honoured Ukrainian artist, the founder and the leader of this group.

The amateur dance group Zaporozhets, inspired by the folk traditions and widely using in its creative activity folklore and cultural achievements of top Ukrainian dance groups repeatedly became the winner of the regional and republican awards and participated in the international youth and TV festivals, song festivals, Ukrainian literature and art decades taking place in different countries and republics. Everywhere the group was a hit and won recognition from the public and exports.

In 1960 the group obtained the honorary title folk and in 1967 it picked up the highest awards for amateur dance group: the title Honoured and Gold medal.

Numerous choreographic performances portrayed at those times became the most valuable possession of the group.

The group repeatedly was dignified as a laureate at the Republican and All-union festivals and was awarded with the first-grade diplomas, Gold medal and grand Gold medal. Over the years of its creative activity the group gave performances in many foreign European countries and was applauded in Poland, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Austria, Yugoslavia, Portugal, Estonia and Bulgaria.

Since 1985 the artistic director of this group is A. Koshel Honoured Ukrainian artist who started his career in this ensemble when he was young.

Classic children's choreographic dance company Kazhachata was organized under the auspices of this group where talented teachers from amateur dance group Zaporozhets I. Petrenko, E. Lokova, I. Semperovich are working.

Cossack folk pop group "Kozaky-zaporozhtsy" (grouped in 1993) is a skilled collective that famous not only in Ukraine. The group won recognition from the public due to the excellence of every singer. All people who are singing in this pop group work at our factory.

Within one year over 200 cultural and entertainment events take place in this cultural center and about 90000 spectators participate in them.

The most popular forms of leisure activity are as follows:
- labour glory party, a soiree organized annually and dedicated to the victories of labour team and its best representatives, divisions, Neat-handed masters, Honored engine-makers;
- reporting back concerts of amateur talent groups;
- festival of folk and amateur art;
- New Year's theatrical performances for children of company's employees;
- New Year's spectaculars Ogoniok (Twinkle);
- Theatricalized shows Miss Motor Sich, Mister Motor Sich, Super Grandma, Super Grandpa, Family couples' show, Officers' balls First-grader holiday, Parade of muses, Songs of outgoing century, Retro parties, entertainment parties for young people, in-shop entertainment parties and jubilee celebrations.

The cultural center stock conforms to the latest requirements. The groups are provided with costumes, audio and video equipment, playing and amplifying tools, illumination devices.

The artistic groups of cultural center are constant participants of the in-town, regional and republican competitions, festivals, spectacular shows and merry-making festivals in spring and summer as well as during national and professional holidays.

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