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Motor Sich JSC Therapeutic-and-health-improving Centre


Motor Sich JSC Therapeutic-and-health-improving Centre or Clinic was founded in 1966. Currently the Clinic is headed by Ludmila I. Zavgorodnaya, honored doctor of Ukraine, winner of Master of the native land and Star Way professional regional competitions and Saint Sofia international award; member of Regional Council of People's Deputies for two turns; and a current member of Municipal Council of People's Deputies. In 2006 she was decorated with the Princess Olga Order grade III and For Zaporozhye RegionDevelopment jubilee medal according to the decree by the President of Ukraine.
Nowadays Motor Sich JSC Clinic is multipurpose health care establishment provided with advanced equipment and state-of-the-art medical technologies. The clinic provides professional medical aid to employees of Motor Sich JSC, Ivchenko-Progress Design Agency (Ivchenko-Progress GP ZMKB), Zaporozhye machine building plant, and Consumer Goods Plant. The Clinic is a health care establishment of the superior rating: it was accredited for the superior rating three times, i.e. in 1990, 2003, and 2006. Also the Clinic is a winner of The best facilities of Ukraine rating in Medicine and Health Care nomination.


The Clinic includes:

  • outpatient department; 
  • in-patient department;
  • physiotherapy department;
  • dental therapeutic department;
  • dental orthopedic department;
  • pediatric therapeutic-and-health-improving centre;
  • health and beauty centre;
  • department of pre-nosologic forms.


Motor Sich JSC Clinic is a large facility, with 396 people working: 66 physicians (2 holders of Ph.D. degree in medicine, 29 physicians of superior rating, and 19 ones of first rating), 206 nurses (74 nurses of superior rating and 36 ones of first rating).
Voluntary medical insurance has been introduced since 1 February, 2001, as a cutting-edge and promising form of providing medical aid to people.


Outpatient department


The outpatient department is rated for 800 visits within one working shift, with physicians of 23 specialties attending patients. It provides professional medical aid to employees of the companies covered, and it also organizes and implements the package of therapeutic and health-improving measures as well as medical and antiepidemic ones. The outpatient department includes the vaccination centre and 13 paramedical sub centres, with one medical care sub centre and one round-the-clock sub centre among them. Auxiliary diagnostic facilities are extensively presented in the outpatient department: computed spirography, electrocardiography, phonocardiography; endoscopy room, ultrasonic diagnostics room, physiotherapy department with a wide range of outpatient procedures provided, inhalatorium, procedure/manipulation  room, emergency medical care room, department of information and statistics, and dictaphone centre.   
The outpatient department works at automated system of prophylactic medical examinations of the population, which makes it possible to evaluate patients health condition at each stage of his/her follow-up and health improvement. The automated system of prophylactic medical examinations has changed doctors function, especially, factory sectorial physicians function: the physician follows up patients with diseases diagnosed and takes therapeutic and health-improving measures according to the plan designed. Each factory sectorial physician has up to 500 700 patients to follow up, and each physician of particular specialization has up to 200 300 patients to follow up.
The outpatient department performances are permanently high. Motor Sich JSC Clinic has ranked first for years in population health ratings in Zaporozhye region.


In-patient department


The in-patient department is rated for 300 beds and includes 2 internal medicine departments, neurology department, urology department, gynecology department, traumatology department, and otorhynolaringology department.
Approximately 7,600 8,000 people are treated in the in-patient department annually. planned hospital bed  performances are the highest in the region.
Apart from conventional treatment methods, all the types of balneotherapy, heat treatment, phytotherapy, electromagnetic field treatment, ultrasonic treatment, laser therapy, magnetic resonance therapy, lymphatic drainage, pneumatic pressing, hydrotherapy of colon, etc. are extensively used in the in-patient department.


Internal medicine department


Internal medicine department I rated for 35 beds, internal medicine department II rated for 35 beds, and hospital department rated for 30 beds. The main goal of the departments is providing all the types of specialized top-quality medical attendance as well as diagnostics and preventive health care for patients who suffer from internal diseases. Internal diseases rank first in the morbidity profile, therefore the two departments of internal medicine capacity is 100 beds. Highly skilled physicians apply advanced treatment methods in the departments specialized in gastroenterology, cardiology, and pulmonology, with the whole modern diagnostic and treatment base used extensively.



Neurology and
rehabilitation department


The neurology and rehabilitation departments rated for 60 beds each one provide diagnostics and treatment for patients with both central and peripheral nervous system disorders, such as vascular and vertebrogenic disorders of nervous system, etc.
Functional evaluation such as, rheovasography of upper and lower extremities, rheoencephalography, electroencephalography with computed mapping, and M-echo. Patients bioenergetical status can be determined with AMCAT diagnostic system. Doppler extracranial vessel evaluation has been introduced in the department.


Urology department


Rated for 40 beds, the urology department provides all the types of specialized urological care for patients who suffer from renal diseases, the diseases of urinary tracts and male reproductive organs. The urologists can use a full range of treatment and diagnostics methods available. The high-level surgical treatment provided for urological patients is comprehensive.
Endoscopy surgical operations made in the department are as follows:


  • transurethral electroresection of benign prostata hyperplasia;
  • transurethral electroresection of prostata tumors;
  • transurethral vaporization of prostata tumors (adenoma);
  • transurethral electroresection of urinary bladder tumors;
  • transurethral electrocoagulation of benign urinary bladder tumors.
  • To treat urolithiasis, the state-oftheart lithotripsy equipment is used: the Swiss MODULIT of STORZ MEDICAL lithotriptor.


    Otolaryngology department


    The ear, nose, and throat department (ENT) rated for 40 beds is fitted with the advanced STORZ endoscopy equipment.
    Applied along with the computed X-ray tomography, endoscopic diagnostics of otolaryngologic diseases allowed the upper airways diagnostics to be boosted to a brand new superior level. The surgeons who work at the ENT department are the highest and the first qualification rating specialists. They are the first in Zaporozhye region who have applied a low-invasive endoscopic surgical technique in nasal cavity and in paranasal sinuses. Introducing endoscopic surgeries for ear, nose, and throat has made those operations far less invasive, enhanced treatment quality, reduced patients postoperative rehabilitation, and eventually reduced patients hospital stay and disability period. 1000 otolaryngologic operations are made in the department annually, with 30% of them being endoscopic.


    Gynecology department


    Not only drug treatment, but virtually a full range of surgical treatment is provided in the ginecology department intended for 40 beds. To make surgeries on female reproductive organs, endoscopy equipment is used: KARL STORZ surgical contact microhysteroscope. Performed with endoscopy equipment, surgical operations are less invasive and associated with minimal bleeding and fast patients postoperative rehabilitation. Laparoscopy could also be used as both diagnostic and operative approach. Advanced endoscopic techniques make it possible to perform organ-saving operations.



    Endoscopic surgical approach is used for both scheduled and urgent operations:

    • tubotomy, tuboectomy, Fallopian tube angle ectomy;;
    • cystectomy, adnexectomy;
    • ovarium ligation or endocoagulation;
    • conservative myomectomy;
    • suturing perforation;
    • blunt separation of adhesions and commissurotomy.

      Hysteroscopy is a new method of uterus cavity examination made with fiber-optic systems. The method is applied for both diagnostics and treatment of various gynecological disorders. Laparotomy and even hysterectomy can be avoided in some cases due to hysteroscopy. Operative hysteroscopy makes it possible to perform the operations as follows under visual control:
    • target endometrium biopsy;
    • endometrium polyps removal;
    • submucous extraction of myoma nodules of up to 2.0 cm diameter;
    • intrauterine dissection of synechias and septums;
    • hyperplastic endometrium extraction;
    • endometrium resection and ablation; extraction of foreign object (an intrauterine contraception device, etc.).


    Department of traumatology and orthopedics


    The department of traumatology and orthopedics is rated for 20 beds and it is a clinical basis of Zaporozhye Medical University, with two physicians holding Ph.D degree in medicine working in the department. The traumatology and orthopedics department carries out research and scientific work as well as innovation technologies streamlining along with the University Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics. Apart from drug therapy of joint diseases, the whole range of surgical musculoskeletal system treatment is used in the department. Arthroscopic equipment has become a so called Golden Standard of diagnostics and treatment of joint injuries and diseases; it allows the surgeons to visualize injured joints on the monitor, with further surgical manipulations made through point cuts. Endoscopic joint invasions are more tolerable for patients, with the postoperative rehabilitation period reduced substantially. To treat large joints, implantation is used. When replacing knee joint, EPK-1 original knee joint implant developed by Motor Sich JSC is used.



    Diagnostic potential of Motor Sich JSC Therapeutic-and-health-improving centre possesses state-of-the-art diagnostic basis:

    "Siemens" spiral computed tomographic scanner:

    • computed multidetector body scanning with express diagnostics of any part of the body;
    • electronic data processing, with the 3D digital im.





    Achilles densitometer:

  • revealing early stages of osteoporosis;
  • selecting individual drug therapy for restoring bone tissue.



    Siemens Mammomat device:

    • diagnosing any breast focal changes; 
    • revealing breast tumours at early stages.





    Siemens Multix-1 advanced X-ray unit and Baccara X-ray unit:

    providing high-quality X-ray images, with contrast study made upon indications.  




    Clinical and biochemical laboratories

    • determining internal body environment condition by 180 parameters;
    • electrolyte analyzer allows the electrolytes to be determined in blood serum and in other biomaterials concurrently within 30 seconds;
    • AVL FLEXOR automated biochemical analyzer can provide more than 30 various parameters from only one blood sample. it can analyze 150 blood parameters per one working cycle, with the output being about 50 tests per hour;
    • determining dilutions of tumor markers in blood serum;
    • determining markers of viral hepatitis;
    • determining functions of endocrine glands



    ALOKA 2000 ultrasonic diagnostic equipment and Siemens Sonolint unit with colour Doppler imager and full set of sensors to carry out examination of:

    • heart and great vessels; 
    • organs of abdominal cavity;
    • genitourinary system;
    • endocrine glands;
    • breasts;
    • fetus with doppler image of placental vessels.




    Computed electrocardiography and round-the-clock monitoring:

    • determining condition of myocardium function at rest and when doing exercises.

    Computed electroencephalography (EEG) and rheoencephalography(REG)

    • determining brain functional status. 





    Modulith SLK extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy

    when shattering renal and urinary tract calculi, this alternative has no contraindications.




    Olimpus endoscopy equipment

    • carrying out fibroesophagogastroduodenoscopy to evaluate condition of the digestive tract mucosa, including diagnostics of mucosal ulceration,neoplasms, strictures, diverticulums, etc.;
    • carrying out colonoscopy to evaluate condition of the large intestine mucosa;
    • carrying out target biopsy.



    Surgitron radio-wave apparatus

  • carrying out bloodless surgeries on the mucosas;
  • treating diseases of uterine neck;
  • removing benign neoplasms.


    Motor Sich JSC therapeutic-and-health-improving Centre possesses powerful base for rehabilitation therapy:

    Physiotherapeutic department provides:


    • hydrotherapy: blanket bath or so called spanish mantle;
    • balneotherapy: sodium chloride bath, iodine-bromine bath, oxygen bath, turpentine bath,  clary sage oil (salvia) bath, bischofite bath; 
    • hydraulic massage;
    • ozokeritotherapy and pelotherapy as heat treatment methods;
    • phytotherapy;
    • resonance therapy;
    • ultrasonic therapy;
    • laser therapy;
    • magnetic fiel therapy;
    • high tone therapy;
    • hydrotherapy of colon on the colon-hydromat ii apparatus;
    • lymphatic drainage on green press and bioregulator apparatuses;
    • pneumatic pressing;
    • spinal decompression and infrared tissue heating with nuga-best equipment;
    • massage.

    Therapeutic-and-health-improving Centre for pre-nosologic forms provides:

    • underwater vertical traction; 
    • underwater douche-massage;
    • herb baths, conifer and sea water baths; 
    • douches (circular douche, rising douche);
    • blanket bath or so called spanish mantle;
    • manual therapy;
    • massage;
    • magnetic resonance therapy;
    • aerobic exercises, shaping, fitness hall; hyperthermic therapy in sauna.



    Pediatric Therapeutic-and-health-improving Centre admits children from 3 months to 14 years old who suffer from:


    • otorhinolaryngological diseases (chronic adenoiditis, tonsillitis, pharingitis, sinusitis);
    • musculoskeletal system diseases (scoliosis, incorrect posture, flat feet);
    • dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system (ans);
    • digestive system diseases;
    • bronchopulmonary system diseases (respiratory allergosis, bronchitis, asthma) and for children who are in poor health.


    General children health improvement is carried out in the centre.

    The department is equipped with the facilities as follows:

    • physiotherapeutic equipment for magnetotherapy, amplipulse therapy, d'arsonvalization, ultraviolet irradiation;
    • sauna and a swimming pool;
    • therapeutic massage room;
    • medical exercises on up-to-date training devices;
    • bath booths;
    • circular douche;
    • salt-mine inhaler.



    Health and Beauty therapeutic-and-health-improving centre


    The Health and Beauty Centre offers therapeutic-and-cosmetic procedures such as cutis pilling, non-surgical face and neck lifting, phytotherapeutic masks, therapeutic and anti-cellulitis massage. Shaping, aerobics and aqua-aerobics, callanetics groups, and sauna are available. Hairdressers and manicurists could help you to have your image changed in our Centre.




    Functional diagnostic department 

    Ozone therapy introduced in the department enables reducing terms of patients hospital stay and drug doses, as well as making the set of rehabilitation measures more effective. 


    Tel.: +38(061) 720-43-27;  +38(061) 720-40-16  

    Fax: +38(061)720-44-78


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