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Personnel training and retraining

Motor Sich JSC International Technical Center carries out regular works on professional training, retraining, improvement in personnel qualification, labor safety and heightened danger work training on special-purpose courses for workers, engineers and technicians and employees, providing personnel competence and quality of output products in accordance with the requirements of international standards.
In 2014, 40,154 employees were trained within the scope of training and retraining plan for 12 months.
In 2014, under the requisition of certificating organization 176 workers of “Helicopters of Motor Sich” Ltd were trained to be permitted to work with heightened danger, 13 specialists were trained on “Features of Mi-8MSB helicopters operation. Avionics and electronic equipment”, “Design, operation and maintenance of the Mi-8MSB helicopter airframe and power unit”.
3 helicopter pilots were trained fly the Mi-2 helicopter at Kremenchug flying college with provision of obligatory flying practice at the Company expense, which were employed to MOTOR SICH Airline Company in 2014.
42 specialists of the shops were trained under the “Programming, adjustment and control of SINUMERIK 840D CNC machines” program.
207 workers improved in qualifications by 4-5 grades in the following professions: turner, miller, grinder, CNC machine operator, metalworker, electrician, EC&I fitter, machinery repairman, puncher-smith, controller.
168 workers were trained as grinder, turner, miller, program-controlled machine operator, 1,116 workers mastered in allied professions.
236 welders were reevaluated in accordance with the requirements of the certification organization.
197 workers were trained in nondestructive control method.
95 workers were trained in equipment accuracy.

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