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Upgrade and repair of machine tools


Initiated by Mr Boguslaev V.A., President of Motor Sich JSC, a task-specific unit has been founded to repair and upgrade NC equipment, including imported one, which allows the company to save substantial currency resources.

Company profile
  • equipment  upgrade accompanied by replacement  of NC systems, drives, motors and instrumentation systems
  • Equipment overhaul  accompanied by restoration of geometry, replacement of mechanical assembly units and hydraulic systems in case of need
  • Substitution of electromechanic manufacturing program input devices for electronic  ones
  • networking machine tools (DNC network, NC line)
  • Installing instrumentation systems with digital indication onto multi-axis NC machine tools станки
  • Design effort to upgrade equipment by using EPLAN system

training technical experts is organized at the company to upgrade NC equipment, with a part of those experts trained at SIEMENS previously and at dedicated repair facilities in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Russia, etc.
Machinery manager department (MMD) engineers design and develop electric circuit diagrams and design documentation concerning upgrade of NC machine tools currently operated at the company; develop machine tool operation algorithms with regard to upgraded assembly units and mechanisms; commission NC machine tools both purchased and upgraded. All the developments mentioned have been incorporated successfully into upgrade of hundreds of machine tools, with dozens of multi-axial machining centres and high-accuracy machines manufactured in Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Russia among them.
Equipment repair and upgrade are carried out by using the latest technological solutions, hardware components, and computer technologies that make it possible to develop flexible manufacture systems.
SINUMERIK 840D multifunction module system has been selected as the basic NC system for multi-axis machining centres. Equipped with SIMODRIVE 611 motors and drives produced by SIEMENS, Germany, the NC system enables the company to control virtually any type of machine tool. Sinumerik 802 NC system is used to control multi-axis machining centres. Other NC systems also can be installed, with WLXX (produced by NPF West Labs Ltd); 2С42-65М (produced by PO Kontur, Russia); NCT 2000 (produced by NCT, Hungary); NC-110, NC-200, NC-210 (produced by Balt-System, St. Petersburg, Russia), etc. among them.

Great effort has been undertaken by the company to substitute an electromechanic information input device for electronic one, which made it possible to network all the NC machine tools at the plant and to abandon using punched tape formerly used in electromechanic information input device. Currently, to the tune of 1000 NC machine tools and multi-axial machining centres are networked.
Over 250 multi-axial machining centres have been equipped with digital indication instrumentation systems for the last three years.
Should you be interested in upgrading similar equipment operated by your company, we can carry it out at your premises in terms of the upgrade above mentioned and hope for collaboration. 

Our address:
#15, av. Motorostroiteley, 69068, Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Tel: +38 (061) 720-48-07, 720-44-17
Fax: +38 (061) 720-72-02




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