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Training and Skills Development

In 2017, MOTOR SICH Flight simulator centre (FSC) was founded and certified as the FTO meeting European requirements in accordance with the Certification Rules for civil aviation training institutions for flight crews in Ukraine. The FTO was founded under the guidance of Mr. Sergey I. Yurik, a highly qualified pilot with a valid pilot license and a huge international experience.
The Flight Training Organization provides a synthetic training of flight crews: theoretical knowledge; training in the simulators; and flight training. The training is provided by MOTOR SICH JSC highly qualified instructors certified and approved by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine. The latest technologies and means of theoretical training, certified simulators, and Mi 2, Mi-8 / SMB / MTB-1 helicopters are used for training.
Professional training of flight personnel is organized and implemented on the basis of requirements and standards of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, ICAO and European Union standards as per the following programs approved in accordance with the established procedure:

  • Private pilot training program;
  • Retraining program for flight personnel for the Mi-2 helicopter and its versions;
  • Periodic training program for aviation personnel for the Mi-2 helicopter;
  • Periodic training program for aviation personnel for the Mi-8 / SMB-MTV-1 helicopter;
  • Pilot training program for the Mi-8MSB helicopter. Course for studying differences;
  • Program for initial and periodic training for flight instructors (FI), type rating instructor (TRI), instrument rating instructors (IRI), synthetic flight instructors (SFI), synthetic training instructors (STI), Multi Crew Co-operation Instructors (MCCI), line instructors (LI) and ground instructors (GI);
  • Periodic training program for aviation personnel for radio communications in English;
  • Pilot training program for CPL / IR (H) rating.

In the near future, expanding the number of programs and opening a new training vector for airplane flight personnel are planned at MOTOR SICH Flight simulator centre (FSC).
The main goal of the MOTOR SICH FSC is to provide quality training for Private Pilot License on the Mi-2 helicopter, with qualification ratings introduced in the valid pilot licenses, flight engineers, and air navigators in the Mi-2 and Mi-8 / MTB-1 helicopters.

Control questions / test questions for FSC training program.

Flight simulator centre.

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